Saturday, April 23, 2005

Country Roads

With apologies to John Denver, country roads don't always "take me home."

There are several routes to get to my small rural farming town community. A 4-lane state highway is my favorite route, but it is commonly filled with state troopers.

The fastest routes can be one of several two-lane country roads. Speed limits on these roads are generally around 40-45 mph. But since no one is around, you can pretty much pull an autobahn if you so desire.

Course, you always have to watch out for the huge potholes, washed out sections, random cows wandering by, multitude of roadkill speedbumps (ever seen a familly of dead possums splattered on the shoulder?), combines, pick up trucks hauling cattle, horses, pigs, what-have-you, and the occasional farmer in his Lincoln Town Car (that's another entry for later).

If not for these obstacles, a driver could find many ways to destroy his car on a country road.

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