Saturday, June 11, 2005

Death Cage Matches

The girls and I were taking a wagon ride a few blocks away and across the train tracks to the local pool for an hour (or two) long dip.

Well, okay, they were taking a wagon ride. I was exercising my gastrocnemius muscles -- which are not too shabby for a 40-something year old, I might add.

Onward we trudged in the 90 degree (60% humidity) Oklahoma sunshine, when suddenlty the Radio Flyer wagon's wheels squealed to a stop. We stopped to witness several teenage boys involved in, what can only be described as, a

"Trampolining Backyard Death Cage Match."

Here is what they were using as their death cage.

Wifey tells me that trampolines are big here in the prairie states. Big back yards means having big backyard toys.

We watched in horror, then humor, then horror again as the teen's pummeling of each other grew more intense with the presence of a non-paying, but present audience.

The girls waved to the boucing trampo-gladiators as the pneumatic tires of the red wagon "peeled out" under the power of the weary gastrocnemius twins.

Will the girls have nightmares tonight? We can onlly hope not.


Ed said...

You need to start carrying your camera around. :-)

kayak said...

I thought about that, but was afraid of propagating the "Japanese tourist with a camera" stereotype -- dashing any hopes of EVER fiting in here.