Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fast food for thought

Some recent controversy has arisen over my small town's one and only Sonic.

Several weeks ago the letterboard marquee warned the local towns folk and drive through environs of the impending closure due to a restaurant retrofit on the grandest, mega-corporate scale.

On the one hand, it was nice to know that the Oklahoma-based entity, (NASDAQ: SONC) thought enough of our town's franchise to invest the time and money for the upgrade.

On the other hand, from a drive-in, drive-up, drive-through anthropological point of view, experiencing the pangs of cherry-limeade and #1 Sonic burger withdrawals with the citizenry of my small town may prove to be an interesting endeavor.

And a healthier one as well, dietetically speaking.

Perhaps, anticipating the perceived severe impact the temporary closure of the drive-by caloric shooting entity would have, the management purposely ignored the built in spell-check that Microsoft includes with all of it's roadside sign boards, giving us the following sight of deciphered sadness...

On a related tanged, overheard recently in the school lobby while waiting to pick up my 2nd grader...

Don't you just get so angry at people who order food at the drive-up line at Sonic! Drinks only in the drive-through people, puh-leeez!"

Apparently the rules of drive-through fast-food engagement are changing in my small town as lives get busier and the quest for fast-faster-fastest-food becomes a priority.


Jake said...

Why concern yourself with the temporary closure of Sonic when you have that fine mexican eating establishment right next door? After all, in the future everything is Taco Bell.

OKDad said...

Okay, wow, I had to dig deep into the fetid remnants of a movie brain dump for that one...Demolition Man, right?

You are correct sir, TB and KFC is a hard-to-resist killer combo of culinary delighticus. And lest we not forget that Tuesday is Livers and Gizzards night.


AMomof2 said...

My son noticed the misspelled word when we drove by. He's only 12.

jake said...

Squeet indeed. :-)