Monday, September 12, 2005

Bass Pro rocks!

Bass Pro Shops are amazing.

Now, I'm not an outdoor/sportsman/huntiing kinda guy, but even I can appreciate a great big air conditioned supermart of outdoor sports gadgets, clothes, toys, food, etc.

Downtown OKC is fortunate enough to have such a store and we frequent it, not so much to purchase camp stoves and ammo, but to take in the sights of all the non-PETA approved stuffed animal carcasses, the wonderfully realistic displays, acres and acres of merchandise, and the huge indoor lake habitat aquarium, completely stocked with fish that can be found in Oklahoma's lakes and rivers.

Because we're within the 100 mile radius of this Bass Pro store, we periodically receive the large Bass Pro newspaper sales flyer.

I need some explanation of this item.

Why would I spend so much for a rock? Do I take this hunting with me? Do I use it to deliver the killing blow to the helpless animal that I've bagged, to put it out of it's misery?
Sure, chuckle at my ignorance, but you've got to see some humor in my curiosity?


Stuart said...

here ya go, everything you ever wanted to know and probably more about your trophy rock, in case you haven't already figured it out :)

always enjoy reading your blog entries, glad you all seem to be doing well

OKDad said...

Well done, Stu. I knew it had to be something odd.

Kind of like, a human version of Steak&Shake.

I think of you and the family everytime we stop at the "local" Steak&Shake (about 65 miles away!)

Those fires get anywhere near Simi?

Got ash?