Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Oklahoma is a small town

During this time of the year, the entire state of Oklahoma becomes one giant small town. However, these small townsfolk find their loyalties split in two, due to the popularity of one sport and the two major colleges within the pan-shaped borders.

That's right, it's football season. and the majority of Okie's bleed either Sooner red or OSU orange.

Even the AOR rock station that I listen to is playing a mixed track that consists of the Sooner Boomer fight song, the OSU fight song, finishing with a rousing chorus off Roger's and Hammerstein's "Oklahoma."

C'mon, sing with me. Everyone knows at least one line of lyrics in THAT song.

And now, you too will be humming it all day long.

You're welcome.


Matt said...

"Sooner Boomer." You really aren't from around here, are you?

Boomer Sooner.

OKDad said...

No, I'm not and I confess total ignorance to many of the dearly love local traditions and lore.

As well, I totally don't understand the celebration of what amounts to the a bunch of cheaters -- which is what the "Sooners" were. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the honest "saps" at the startiing line of the land runs, who waited for the firing of the cannon, aren't celebrated in song or sport anywhere in the state.

Yet the "sooners" or the ones who broke the rules, snuck over the line, planted their flags and staked their land claim, are cheered and celebrated as the best representatives of this great state?

OSU's Pistol Pete "cowboy" mascot is a little more honorable in it's traditional role. Although, I'm surprised his pistol packing ways survived the Political Correctness police of the 90's.

Go Big Red!
Oooooo Sssssss Uuuuuuuu!