Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Meth day is here!

Last night I attended a countywide presentation by the local law enforcement authorities and health department called "March Against Meth."

The collection of parents, civic leaders, law enforcement personnel who assembled for this event at the high school gym seemed genuinely concerned about the issue of meth manufacturing, use, and trafficking in our community.

As a group, we were educated on drug awareness, emerging drug trends, internet drug trafficking, and how to keep our kids drug free.

It was relatively well attended by the community, but not nearly as crowded as the girls varsity basketball game I took the family to last weekend.

Basically, it was a preview to what our kiddies were going to see this week in their classrooms, and they wanted to give the parents a heads-up to what was coming up.
Mommy, what's a meth-head?/
Daddy, is that what Uncle Festus went to jail for?
Pa, why can't we get Sudafed in pill form in Oklahoma..I hate those gel-caps?
Ma, why is that dog sniffing around your spare tire?
The majority of questions from the floor were about signs of use, how much a hit of Meth costs, where to get it, how to get it, what exactly is it, and how does it feel.

My questions focused on whether or not the highway that runs through our small town is a major meth traffic artery, are the transporters sticking to the main highways as opposed to the back roads, and whether or not they're recruiting locals who know the roads, speed traps, and drug busting capacities of the local authorities.

It is.
They are.
Yes. Heavily.

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