Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back to school

You read right. It's the middle of August, 102 degrees and in my opinion, summer vacation should still be in full swing for the kids. Yet, the bags of school supplies are filled, the opening day outfits are selected, the go-to-bed-early to get-up-early practice sessions are in full swing and the postcards are in the mail.

You read right. Postcards.

This is a practice I wasn't familiar with. Don't know if this is a local thing, an Okie thing, or whether teachers everywhere send welcoming postcards to their new studetns.

The girls dug it. My wife dug it. In fact, we didn't even know who C's teacher was until we received the postcard, so that was an added bonus.

So, the big questions being, which of the five 1st grade teachers did C get, and which one did we want her to get?

Sure, I could have extended my influence as an elected officer of the PTO (I'm Secretary/Treasurer this year), but did I? No.

And while it was tempting to call up my So Cal-raised, Tommy's-burger-loving homeboy, who happens to be the Principal at C's school and chat a bit about teacher selection, I chose not to play that card.

Another option would have found me bending the ear of a fellow seat member on the non-profit board of directors that I serve on, who just happens to be married to the 1st grade teacher that we wanted C to have. Didn't go there either.

And yet when we read the back of the postcard sent to C...

...we happily learrned that she did indeed get the 1st grade teacher we had been hoping for.

Sometimes things just turn out right, even without me running interference.

Turns out we know PK's new teacher as well. We've played poker with her and her husband before. Also her daughter was in Pre-K with C when we first moved here.

Small town wonders.

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