Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Milestone #492 - Etch-a-sketch

I enjoyed reliving a moment of discovery from my youth the other day thanks to a classic toy and my daughter's curiosity.

The inevitable aggregate of being the proud owner/user of the one and only Etch-a-sketch is the question...
"How does it draw like that?"I proudly demonstrated to my 6-year old the tried and true backandforth-upanddown-incrementalmovements technique of clearing the screen of all the "magic dust."

She has the technique.
She has the patience.
She has the drive and determination to peek behind the green curtain.

And now she knows how the magic works.

After dreaming the impossible dream and finding the buried treasure at the bottom of the magical drawing board, we checked out the How Stuff Works site and learned more about it.

We even found an online java-motored Etch-a-Sketch here

However don't expect to find the secret to java programming underneath this applet if you do the screen-clearing technique on this Etch-A-Sketch.

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