Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Deer playing chicken

At some point all the animals of the roadside communities are going to stand up and try to put an end to the road kill carnage being witnessed on the highways of the world.

For now, it looks like they'll be concentrating on taking out the smaller two-wheeled variety of dino juice burning invaders.

Mark my words, someday they'll grow a deer large enough to take on the family trucksters so popular now. Explorer and Durango drivers, be warned.


-Mark said...

Hate to say it, when I got my motorcycle insurance, the agent told me if you hit the deer its your fault. If the deer hits you, its an act of God. So make sure to get the sequence of events down so your insurance rates don't go up.

OKDad said...

Was talking to a guy who has a few acres with some horses the other day. He was telling me that late one night one of his older horses got out and was strolling down the highway.

An out of state couple in their Hummer hit the horse head on.

Tuns out Oklahoma livestock traffic laws are funny in that they make the driver completely responsible for the loss of an animal in an accident.

I'm not positive about this, so don't quote me, but from what the horse owner tells me, it's not the same in every state.