Friday, October 27, 2006

Guarding the humble abode

Some people think dogs are the best thing for home security.
Some think a loaded 12-gauge will do the trick.
Alarms. Deadbolts. Motion-sensor porch lights. Wireless remote video camera systems hooked up to a 200 gig hard drive recording device that is secured in a locked "black box" that is buried in the bottom of a closet.

I think I should investigate what it is this fellow has to offer.

Found in the classifieds of the recent Oklahoma Farm Bureau newsletter (we use their homeowners insurance)...

"Don't come any closer or my donkey will kick the livin' cr*p out of you, then bray about it to his fellow asses."


Emily said...

If word gets out about Frannie, nobody will want to break into your house anyway.

I like that ad for the ugly bay gelding.

There's just nothing quite like the classified section of a small-town paper, is there? :)

Jake said...

You'd be surprised how well donkeys can protect. I recently saw a video of group of men and they're dogs wandering around the wilderness with mules carrying their stuff. Apparently a mountain lion had been stalking them and decided to move in for the kill. The men and dogs ran away, but one of the mules got a hold of the big cat with its mouth and was beating it on the ground. Once it stopped trying to get away, the mule gave it a few more good stomps to make sure it was dead.