Sunday, July 15, 2007

Spock dies!

When Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was released, my friends and I were the first in line for the coveted 7:55 p.m. showing at the AVCO Center Cinema in Westwood, California. While the second chapter of the film series based on the 60's tv space drama had an earlier screening, anyone who was anyone (at least in our adolescent minds) avoided the early shows and held out for a seat during the coveted post-drive time showing.

My brother and his friends took in the earlier showing, choosing instead to forego the "happening" screening for the opportunity to see it before anyone else.

After geeking out on all things Trek-like for several hours, and basking in the self-deluding glow of being the first Spockeroonies in line for the "popular" screening, the anticipation level has risen to a warp drive pitch.

This was in the days before movie spoilers and leaked scripts would appear on the internet, and story super secrecy at the studios was status quo. All the better to enjoy a much loved tv-show franchise flick.

Finally, the time came for the "non-persons" in the 5:35 p.m. to start filing out of the theater, thankfully at the opposite end of the sidewalk, lest the wind accidentally carries some important tidbit of Wrath of Khan movie trivia to our Vulcan pinched ears.

In all the excitement of the pre-entrance commotion, not one of our group noticed the grinning face poking his head out of the door in which we were about to enter the auditorium.

Oh, the horror. It was my brother -- one of the non-persons from the earlier showing.

Unlike the rest of his fellow 5:35 p.m. herd, he broke the ranks, broke opening-night-movie etiquette, and broke the misplaced but dedicated spirits of the dozen or so fellow line-standers surrounding us, by yelling out from around the slightly opened glass door, "Spock dies!"

Sure, we chuckle about it now, but at the time, the groans and jeers resounding from the surrounding crowd were enough to curl an Andorian's antenna and drive my brother into a joyfully satisfied warp drived mischevious shit-eating grin.

I bet he's grinning that same grin as he reads this post, aren't you Bro?

Which brings me to this very rare, weekend post that is completely off topic from the theme of my blog -- which is why it's being posted on my usual "blog-day-off." Since this blog is/was originally intended to act as a record of sorts for my daughters to have and keep long after I've left this world, I feel that including my thoughts on the following topic to be relevant...of sorts.

The 7th and final Harry Potter installment comes out in a week.

In preparation for this, I'm ready to reveal some of my own personal predictions for the outcome of the book. These predictions are based entirely on my own preferences and observations of the book series and in no way should be taken any more serious than the fact that Spock does die in ST2-TWoK, but comes back as funny as ever in the next two Star Trek movies, as well as appearances in the ST-TNG series.

So, why are my own personal predictions of the final HP chapter relevant from a record keeping perspective? As of this date, my oldest is 7 1/2 years old and has absolutely no interest in anything Harry Potter. As many times as I've told her that in a few years time she'll be pouring through the 500-900 page HP manifestos, she'll claim loudly and with all the fervor of a budding chapter book reader, that no Potter'd storybook will ever be held aloft in her muggle hands...okay, I added that last part, but you get the picture.

Therefore, on this, the veritably monumental eve of the release of the final printed appearance of the bespeckled wizard-in-training -- an event that I wish I could be sharing with my "not-ready-for-prime-time" literature daughter, I will put down on e-paper what I hope to someday be discussing with my beloved children when the time comes for them to be wondering what becomes of the Hogwarts crew in Book 7.

Non-HP readers/fans need not read any further. Go enjoy your weekend.Setup from Half-Blood Prince...
  • I believe that Snape killed Dumbledore to SAVE Malfoy. Dumbledore was not pleading for HIS life at the end of Half-Blood Prince...he was pleading for Snape to kill him instead of forcing Malfoy to do it. Snape is loyal to Dumbledore.

    The Deathly Hallows...
  • Neville manages to kill Beatrix, avenging his parents.
  • Harry, Ron, and Hermoine do away with Voldemort...or so they think.
  • Harry and Ginny get married, after Voldemort is THOUGHT to have been killed.
  • In the final battle with Voldemort, Ginny dies (taking the killing blow meant for Harry - much like his Mother did), but only before weakening Voldemort first, allowing Harry and Neville to deliver the killing blows.
  • Malfoy and Snape are instrumental in the final defeat of Voldemort.
  • Ron and Hermoine end up alive, and well, and together at last (duh).
  • Harry ends the book by walking the Kane in Kung Fu (okay, not really, but it would be funny).
  • Amazon will be delivering my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on it's release date, July 21st. You may not hear from me for a couple days after the 21st, depending on how long it takes me to read it and get on with my freakin' life already.

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