Friday, November 09, 2007

Moo juice in motion

With the addition of an anecdote my pre-k'er unloaded on us at dinner the other night, I can proudly add yet another Universal Truth to our cadre of family wisdom-isms.

As a race, we are all born, we all love to get mail, we all pay taxes, and we all die.

And to these I can now proudly add that every member of my little family has witnessed the disgusted thrill of watching someone laugh milk out their nose while sitting in the school cafeteria.

For me, it was Charlie Okamoto, with Chris Diaz as the inducer of the milky nasal guffaws.

C got hers in Kindergarten and couldn't wait to tell us all about it after school that day.

I know not the details of my Wife's foray into the realm of the half-n-half honking, however since she's familiar enough with the syndrome to know the discomfort it causes both to participants and viewers, it stands to reason she too has a skim-sniffer incident in her past.

As Universal Truths go, I think "sit in a school cafeteria long enough and someone will laugh milk out their nose" may be the truism to hand the aliens when they finally do make contact and ask what the key to our existence is.

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