Monday, December 03, 2007

A championship season

It started with sirens in the distance.

As they grew louder the honking of car and school bus horns soon accompanied the noise.

Drawing nearer still, the unmistakable cadence of human cheers and chants joined into the mix.

It was part of the symphony emitted from the caravan leaving my small town on it's way to an historic event, many years, man hours, fundraisers, and Friday Night Lights in the making -- our football teams trek to the state championship game for it's division.

Facing a bigger team from a bigger school from a bigger town in the neutral territory of a local Universities playing field - a team who took 4 overtimes to defeat us mere weeks ago, is a big deal to the folks of this town.

My family and I were proudly waving to the passing caravan from the third step on our front porch.

Everyone in our small town has some connection to our team, whether they be a parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, friend and/or acquaintance of someone associated with the pigskin program. And after close to 3-years residence of our small town, we too, find ourselves falling into one of the previously mentioned categories.

So they'll we'll be, in the chilly, wet weather that's typical of Oklahoma in the magic season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, celebrating our small town's Friday Night Footballers amazing post-season appearance.

We'll be sitting near the band taking it all in, becoming one with the extended family that is our town of 4380.

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