Thursday, December 06, 2007

Death, taxes...getting the flu

Year after year I get a flu shot, and year after year I eventually get the flu.

This round only took me out for a night and a full day, but in that time I missed out on the following:
  • 4 loads of laundry - 1 whites, 1 pinks, 1 darks/blues, 1 brown/yellows
  • 2 dinners, 1 breakfast - I could have cooked but felt it would be better not to try and spread my germs via meal preparation.
  • 1 full day of bathroom demolition - tearing out the old bathroom to make way for our new huge laundry/craft/mudroom.
  • 3 trips to the dump with the Elky loaded down with lathe, plaster, sheetrock, a steel tub, a pedestal sink, and commode -- all from the old bathroom.
  • Safe Routes to School Meeting - our school is going to give it a try and get some those Walking School Buses.
  • Monthly Board Meeting - the non-profit org board I serve on now only meets once a month, however the Executive Committee (of which I am a member) still meets on a weekly basis.
  • 2 tuck-ins and bedtime stories read/told - lately PK wants me to tell her a story as opposed to being read one (they must always involved a Unicorn and a Pegasus - her rules), and C just wants me to grab my book and read while she reads her book.
  • I did manage to read and relish Steve Martin's latest tome, an autobiography titled Born Standing Up. Much different than the last comic autobio I read and thoroughly enjoyed, Don Rickles' Rickle's Book. Both are worthy of a gander if you're so inclined to find out what drives funny men to be funny.

    Feeling more human this morning, which is good since I'm set to be the computer/audio/visual assistant for my Wife as she makes a presentation for our small town's local Lion's Club at their monthly meeting/luncheon.

    A husband's work is never done.

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    Amelia said...

    Glad you are on the road of feeling like your old self. Being sick always makes me really appreciate feeling well again.