Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"20 bucks on pump #2 and a maguro roll to go..."

Spotted on a rare trip to downtown OKC, to have lunch with Wifey.

Even I was not brave enough to follow the tempting red helvetica font letters of this sign into the Downtown Plaza Shell C-stop (in the shadow of some gold domed building) to sample their fresh, daily made sushi.

But who knows, someday, I just may be desperate enough.

Going back to my small town now, where such temptation is non-existent.


Malaise Inc said...

That is why I love Oklahoma. There is a healthy disregard for polite societal norms. Gas and sushi? No problem. Bait and fresh fresh made pizza? Hell, yeah!

PS Congrats on finishing Freewheel. That is no small accomplishment.

gorockets! said...

Fortunately, I didn't see a sign for bait also.

AMomof2 said...

Seems like a smart choice, but you never know didn't you guys eat at great Mexican place about as scary down south?

Nicole said...

I actually work around the corner from this particular Shell station. They do have a lunch counter of sorts (fried chicken, sandwhiches), but I've never ventured past the fountain drinks and M&M's. Don't think I ever wil either!

OKDad said...

Well, the gauntlet has been thrown, so now I'm going to have to sample some of their fine, gourmet, freshly rolled bait rolls.

I'm going in coach...fate favors the foolish.

gorockets! said...

Now let's not be drastic here. I want your expert opinion on one of my two places. All they have on the sign is the food, not beer or snuff specials.