Monday, June 30, 2008

The House has one seat empty

Put the words "State House Representative" and "obituary" together and my SoCal born and bred brain conjures up images of gnarley 15 car pile ups on the 4-level interchange, death by law enforcement suicide, speed ball overdoses and chopper crashes in federally declared FEMA disaster areas -- hey, I'm from LA remember.

Then I move here and three years later something like this crosses my smog-clearing eyeballs...

I don't know anything about this guy, and couldn't care less about whatever political machinations he had in the works, however the fact that he was a duly elected official in one of the highest governmental bodies of the state...and he died while working his farm, well, that just blew me away.

A good portion of the population out here make their living working the land and living off of it's bounty and it seems they like people representing them who live and work in their muddy work boots right alongside them.

Reason # 4,892 why I'll never run for office here in my adopted home state. My credentials just don't hold up to the honorable Mr. Hyman.

Okay, the fact that he was a card carrying member of both the NRA and Democratic party kinda cracks me up as well.


flintysooner said...

I suppose anyone who has lived on a farm for a while has at least one story about a narrow escape. Sometimes there is no escape. Farming remains dangerous as occupations go. That's what I thought about when heard the report.

But the next thing I thought was that all of those I know with such stories would think of no better way to pass from life than to do it while working on their farms. That alone makes it more avocation or calling than occupation I suppose.

When I was very young there were no republicans by the way or at least no one registered that way.

Good post.

OKC G-man said...

I just found your blog, courtesy of the McCarville Report website. Since I am from OK, but joined the Army then moved back here in '06 from San Jose, CA, I can really relate. Had to go back all the way to your start to figure out why you moved here. Loved the story about having to kill a wasp with a hammer.
Got a hat and boots yet? Keep up the writing!

route66news said...

Having traveled a lot across this great land, I can safely say that the Democrat/gun control stereotype doesn't always match, especially west of the Mississippi River.

When you live in rural areas, you need a gun at least to kill the "varmints" (my father's term) that threaten your livestock.

Also, you have a lot of hunters. You have many Democrats who are NRA members and who are environmentalists, because they want pristine hunting grounds where wildlife can thrive. That's how Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana appealed to a lot of GOP voters.

So one size doesn't fit all. And that's fine with me.

OKDad said...

Venkman said it best..."Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria! "