Thursday, November 06, 2008

Just a little pinch will do ya

While I suppose the 3rd graders back in our old San Gabriel Valley neighborhood are receiving pamphlets and informational flyers on "How to identify the weapon in your school mates gym bag," and "What to say and where to look when an Asian gang member approaches you on the street," out here on the central Oklahoma prairie, we recently found this informative brochure in our 3rd graders backpack.

Theorizing how many Dads and Grand Dads associated with C's class of 19 students are into the tobacco chewing habit, I'm thinking this particular brochure didn't find it's way into many family discussions once it made it's way home.

Our family, however, did discuss it, finished some of the word games and activities outlined in the brochure, and generally had a good time making disgusting noises as we mimicked the sputum discharge associated with "t'backy chawing."

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Patience said...

That stuff is truly nasty! And apparently it is just as dangerous, maybe more so, than the stuff you smoke!

I had a friend who was a chewer. His doctor told him during a visit one day that he's just as likely to die from chewing tobacco as smoking. But before he died from oral cancer, he would scare little children! Meaning that the surgeries to try to treat the cancer are so deforming to the face that the person is really hard to look at!