Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why I married her

Don't know what your signif other asked for his/her last birthday, but mine requested a couple of traditional items - a home cooked meal and a simple mode of transportation.

Not so unique you say?

Try saying these two words..."shabu shabu."

Pulling together all the fixin's for a traditional Japanese fire-pot meal is one thing when you have well stocked stores of food stuffs from the Orient a mere SoCal freeway interchange away.

Not so easy out here on the wilds of prairieland Oklahoma.

Still and all, with some careful planning, internet mail ordering, improvisational food preparation methods and a hint to the local butcher on the easiest method for cutting ribeye steaks into paper thin slices (slightly freeze the meat first), my wife had the meal she had been craving for since moving back to Oklahoma.

One down, one to go. Next up, a traditional and simple mode of transportation...

I kid you not. This is what she asked for, and ebay be-damed, this is what she received.

The inevitable question being, "What is your wife a clown or something?"

To which I reply, "What, your wife didn't walk on 8-foot homemade stilts, do handstands on a basketball, or ride a unicycle as a kid?"

She has yet to get the uni-legs of her youth back under her, but she's determined to get back on her single wheeled horse by the end of the holiday period, if not sooner.

And yes, I checked to make sure our health insurance card is safely tucked in my wallet.

Happy birthday, Wifey.

Wheel on!


Jake said...

Please make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday from all of us as well.

gigi said...

So, how did you do at the trivia contest?

And, what a sweet gift.

OKDad said...

Will do Jake, thanks for that.

Our Trivia Bowl Team lost the first round by a few points, dominated the second round handily, but lost in the third and final by 20 points - 2 questions.

Our mistake was taking Astronomy over Attorney General's in the lightning round.

And I still really, really suck at math.

Sign, cosign,
Cosign, sign...3.14159!

Ugh. Lost out to the troupe from the local news rag. How degrading.

Anonymous said...

Hey, awesome. I bought a unicycle a few years ago. Still haven't figured out how to ride it, but it's parked in the corner of our bedroom, collecting dust while it waits for me to find a pair of practice poles so I can give it another try.

old man neill said...

love it! :)