Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Idaho on my mind

Last weekend, Wifey and I had Facebook on our minds.

Her brush with the famous/infamous social networking site came via a Sunday morning sermon, the theme of which seemed to center on the importance of building a base of friends, whether from the present, the future, or even the past (which Facebook apparently excels at).

That last point -friends from the past- jiggled loose a molecule or two in my gray matter, as just the other day my brother informed me that a voice from our collective past had recently found and contacted him via his Facebook page.

We all have these types of friends. Hanging out buddies. Traveling buddies. Friday night movie, Sunday go to races, even double dating at times buddies.

But as buddies sometimes do, they move away,
get a new life,
in a new town,
with a new wife.

And guys being guys, we don't keep addresses handy for yearly Christmas card swappage, nor do we keep in touch with other old friends who in turn keep track of other friends for us.

Generally speaking, guy friends from the past, sadly so, usually stay guy friends from the past. The exception being the presence of females somewhere in the mix who excel at remembering important dates, knowing who gave what to whom, and where that darn address book is kept.

Yet because of my brother's unusual and uncharacteristic turn toward non-anonymity on the web (he works with middle school kids who apparently "forced" him into creating his own Facebook page), we have now learned that a high school/college buddy with pretty much the same background as ourselves, has made the move with wife and stepkids into the wilds of suburban Idaho to run, of all the crazy things, a diner.

Okay, it's not the same as being a fry cook on Venus, but it's pretty darn close.

I wonder what kind of entries HIS blog is filled with?

Wonder if he was ever called Ming?

Oh and no, sorry I don't Facebook. Heck, I won't even post my real identity on my blog, let alone plaster my mug and personal info all over the net so some diner-running-Idahoan buddy from the past can reach out and touch me.

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