Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cody of the lake Part 2

The day before Easter Sunday, S overheard Cody's Dad (a mixed drink in a plastic thermal mug his constant companion), impatiently tell Cody that morning, "I haven't got time for you today," them promptly climb into his drinkin' buddies golf cart and head off to commune with Jack Daniels.

Recalling last Easter where Cody stood by and forced enthusiasm while cheering the girls on their own easter egg hunt, S made up a little easter basket for Cody filled with some candy, pencils, assorted goodies and a tube of toothpaste. She then filled a dozen eggs with goodies and left them out for him to find in front of the trailer he calls home.

While watching the girls enjoy their visit from the Easter Bunny on Easter morning is always a joy, the look of confusion, then rapidly excelling excitement in Cody's body movements as he scampered about his small yard, gathering up the candy encased in plastic eggs, was a golden moment.

My wife and I smiled into the night, with thoughts of the conflict turning over in the little boys mind. A 12-year old's reality in conflict with the remotest of possibilities that some magic may still exist in this world.

I'm disturbed to think what his teenage, young adulthood, and adult years have in store for him.
I'm saddened to think what will become of this sweet kid who C will always remember as "Cody of the lake."

Cody turns 13 in May.


gawfer said...

This is a sad story, OKDAD, but with a bright outlook. You see, Cody is fortunate enough to have someone recognize his plite. And it appears to me, someone else has the opportunity to become a positive influence in a boy's life that he would otherwise not have.
In looking back, I had the opportunity to grab my nephew from the grip of disaster after his father abandoned him for drugs. And as limited as my infuence was, after a few bumps, he straightened out and is flying true.
A boy needs an example to become a man of integrity. Without it, he'll be lost for sure.
Sieze the day.

OKDad said...

Cody is pretty comfortable around my Father-in-Law (who goes to the lake house more often than we do). My F-i-L is a very patient and kind soul, and always gives Cody his attention when he's around.

I can't and won't say how good or bad Cody's father is, but if his behavior toward his son in public is any indication of how he treats him in the privacy of their trailer, then it's amazing that Cody is as well adjusted as he is.

I know his Grandparents live in the city and he spends some time with them, and from what my in-laws tell me, they are good people. Hopefully some of that will rub off as well.

Then again, some kids grow up perfectly well adjusted when left to survive on their own in the wilds of world, just as long as they don't learn their behaviors from watching tv, or cruisin' chat rooms on the net.

gawfer said...

That's cool that your pa-in-law has taken an interest. that may prove to be the difference.

I impathize with your pain though. keep up the excellent job okdad.