Monday, April 03, 2006

A year is not so long

Exactly one year ago today, I had completed my final day of employment at my old company, had completed packing the final bits and pieces of my life in LA into Otto, had completed closing the shutters and doors of bank accounts, credit union accounts, po boxes, etc., and completed my final check of my 10-year old car before heading out on a 1300 mile trip to my future out east.

While the idea of publishing a blog about my adventures in my not-so "Little House on Main Street On The Prairie" didn't occur to me until several weeks into my new life as an unemployed stay-at-home-Dad living in a 100-year old house in need of restoration and not having a clue where to start, I feel that reaching my 1-year milestone as a resident of the great state of Oklahoma is no small accomplishment on my accord.

I'm alive, and well, and relatively more sane than I have been in recent memory.

At times I miss my old life, but don't we all at some point in our lives.
Most times I love my new life, but don't we all hope to at some point in our life.

There have been times where I continue to be amazed and aghast and bemused and befuddled and critical and captivated and disappointed and delighted and exulant and emotional and...(26 letters in our alphabet right? I don't think so).

My family is intact, well fed, decently clothed, often coifed, much loved, and for want of little.

I have made friends, few foes, good contacts for my planned future endeavors involving my return to the film business, and much headway with my attitude towards the importance of just being.

All in all, not a bad year's work.

Time to go make breakfast. Chocolate Malt-o-Meal today.



gawfer said...

Because of our mutual friend 'the Herbenator' as you so fondly put it, I've had the pleasure of reading your very clever musings and engaging you in written conversation on many occasions. Your creativity and outlook has been admirable, and I continue to look forward to each of your posts. I have even considered that 'green house' that you posted about not long ago, but employment for someone in my line of work is always an issue.
Anyway, keep up the good work, look for the Sonshine in every aspect of life and I'll continue to look forward to your daily posts.


OKDad said...

Thanks Gawf. Fun to have you along for the ride.

The big green is still for sale. Sell you house in So Cal, buy this big thing, and live off the equity you've built up in your old house for a dozen years or so -- work when you want.

BTW, the 4-lane highway that runs in front of my house is a major weekend, nice weather ride for the 2-wheeler population. Yesterday. temps were in the mid-70's with a slight cool breeze and while we worked in the garden, we counted 200+ bikers, some in groups of 20 or more, crusin' by.

I told C it was her duty to wave at the bikers to make them feel welcomed.