Thursday, April 06, 2006

A not-so-Young Rider

S came home all excited about seeing an actual newpaper delivery boy on a country road on her way home from work.

The country roads/rural routes are populated by lone mailboxes, standing vigil as a testament to the importance of one's mail identity, even out in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma.

What tickled her about this particular newspaper delivery boy were several things.

First, he wasn't a boy. He was about our age and nowhere near the minimum age for delivery boy status and responsibility.

Second, his mode of delivery and transportation seemed appropriate to the rural setting.

He was atop a horse at full gallop, the leather saddle bags hanging taut and low from the saddle, stretched full of all the daily news that was fit to print.

She slowed to watch as he brought his mighty steed to a momentary quick trot, deposited his newsprint charges into the waiting mail box, and clicked and kicked the horse into a full-on run down the road.

The pony express lives, if only to deliver this weeks coupons for $.35 off a ground round.

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