Friday, June 23, 2006

Cancel your subscription

This vitriol of fundamentalist paranoia appeared in our paper in the letters to the Editor column.

Kudos to the Editor for printing it and allowing the public to get a taste of what types of people populate our world.

Let me get this straight..
The most caring people are athiest's at it.
Easter Bunny is a sex it.
Church on Sunday, no it.
Santa is it.
Athletes are it.

The best part of this sewage spewage is in the first line of his letter.

Seems his hatred for the "rag" of a newspaper and it's satanic views wasn't strong enough to get him off his non-athletic a*s and make a phone call to CANCEL his subscription.


gawfer said...

OK, Christian here.

Does that guy belong to the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas?

Along with this drival he also protests at Military funerals?

What a knucklehead. He does not speak for me!

OKDad said...

Good to know.

He probably thinks all bikers are Hell's Angels or Mongols as well.

Ride safe this weekend.