Thursday, July 06, 2006

I feel good, I knew that I would, now.

Took the girls to see a matinee of Garfield, The Tail of Two Kitties.

The movie itself bears only the slightest of relevance to the theme of this blog entry, but I did want to mention in detail all of the positive aspects of this particular cinematic event.1. Jennifer Love HewittThat being done, let's get on with this blog entry.

On the way home from the frolicking feline film, James Brown's explosive funk classic, I Got You (I Feel Good) came blaring through the Harmon-kardons in my civic. As any red-blooded American of taste, class, and culture would do, I proceeded to sing along with the Godfather of Soul at the top of my severly limited vocal range.

Immediately, C chirps out, Turn it up Daddy, I love this song!

Out puffs my chest as fatherly pride and genetic induced joy fills my soul to think that my daughter, at so young an age, would begin to appreciate the music that is the foundation for my preferred selection of tunage - funk, soul, rhythm and blues.

Even my youngest, at a mere 3.5 years old, seemed to be enjoying the rhythmic stylin's of the "hardest working man in show business."

At 2:46, the short song ends and I relished in the glow that is/was my daughter's milestone of her musical development.

Then she adds, "I love that song. It's from the first Garfield movie, that we have on DVD."


I fear that all of my daughter's references to the music of my youth...
-- the music which provided the dramatic and comedic soundtrack to my life...
-- the music that still inspires the passion within me to try and capture the sweet birds of my youth...
-- the music that took me through the hardest and sweetest of times...

...will be the background music for an animated lasagna eating cat, a rugrat gone wild, or a yet another Disney character ripped off from the Brothers Grimm.

Oh well, I'll always have Earth, Wind, and Fire. Play it again, Maurice.


Anonymous said...

Brother again.

Ah Ms. Hewitt. I watch her show, "The Ghost Whisperer," just for the gratuitous, mid-show scene of her in some state of undress (no, really; about half-way through the show, there's always, ALWAYS some reason for her to undress).

As for your girls' love of the classic songs of our past, shall I remind you of our love of Wagner or Libretto because of a certain wascally wabbit?

OKDad said...

"Kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit, KILL DA WABBIT!"