Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ultimate Radio Contest Giveaway

S was chuckling as she retold the following tale to me.

Her daily drive is a 110 mile round trip. During that drive time she catches up on phone calls, listens to books on CD, plots out her workday/week, and peruses the local am/fm radio bands.

On the way home the other day, she found herself listening to a local FM-Clear Channel-owned top-40 station.

A loyal listener with the determination of a wolverine defending it's fresh kill against a full grown Kodiak bear, listened to the station for 12 hours, wrote down the song and artist of the hour for each tick of the little hand, and managed to be the 24th caller into the station at the zero hour.

Her reward for this phenomenal feat of human endurance, dogged determination and H.G. Wellian time-suckage were NOT the following:
  • An all expenses paid trip for her entire family to Hawaii.
  • Two front row seat tickets to a Toby Keith concert complete with backstage passes.
  • Limousine ride to the Big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo (home of the 72 oz. "if you eat it in an hour it's free" porterhouse steak).
  • A Vespa
  • Nope.
    For her efforts, this intrepid woman won dinner at IHOP.

    For 2.

    She was thrilled.DJ - "Who are you going to take?"
    Winner - "My teenage daughter...it's her birthday."
    DJ - "How old is she?"
    Winner - "She's 16 this year!"
    Happy sweet 16, sweetie, and pass they syrup.


    Anonymous said...

    Brother B. here.

    I'm not sure what's sadder:

    That a top-40 radio station could only muster a free Denny's meal as a grand prize or;

    That a person would be so thrilled to win such a prize.

    OKDad said...

    We're just so jaded, I'm afraid.

    I don't know if Denny's would have made her happier, but her prize was dinner for 2 at IHOP.

    Good thing IHOP serves breakfast anytime, since I wouldn't be as interested in dinner as I would a big stack of p'cakes and sausage.