Monday, February 26, 2007

Lawn bowling...not quite

My small town used to have a bowling alley.

Strike that. My small town still has a bowlling alley. It's just not open for business.

I know the fella whose Father ran the alley for a decade or so, and he's just as sad to see the place closed as I am.

Not that I'm an avid bowler. I think I may have bowled a couple dozen times total in my life. But in a small town like mine, any safe and sane family entertaiment (or distraction) goes into the plus category.

The building is empty now, although I'm ever hopeful that someone with dreams of running an establishment worthy of the Big Lebowski, will see the possibilities in the brick and mortar building and cough up some cash to spread some wax on the now dormant lanes.

A curiosity in my neighborhood is this house a few blocks away.

I keep thinking that the homeowner may have been the bowling alley's owner at one point in time and didn't have a clue what to do with the bowling ball inventory after shuttering the twin glass doors.

But maybe the heavy orbs have another purpose that I'm not aware of, being relatively new to my town.


tuesday said...

OMGGGGGGG, you are such a

Did you ever think about just doorbell and asking "what's up with the balls???" With decorating like that, they're just begging to be questioned. It's like the people who put a gazzillion lights up on their house at Christmas time.

Did you ever see the show "Ed" about the guys who moves back to his hometown and reopens the bowling alley. It was full of wacky characters, and I loved it. Shame it didn't last long, but it did leave me wanting to run one myself. Well, that and...

Ummmmm...that story will have to wait for another day, but let's just say, you're not the only stalker :)

~ Amy ~ said...

I just find it funny that you walked around the yard taking pictures. You're guttsy!

However, if people find pink flamingos as a tasteful lawn decor, then I guess bowling balls shouldn't be out of the question either.

Angie said...

I love how they're scattered about just "so". Other people do that stuff and I think it looks cool. I try it and it just looks tacky.

OKDad said...

Well, all the photos were taken from the public sidewalk, so I wasn't technically invading my neigbor's privacy.

I'm not sure how they would have reacted had they caught me with my shutter open.

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

A friend of mine decorates with bowling balls as well. Personally I don't think it's a good idea for people that live in tornado alley.

A flying bowling ball would pack one heck of a punch