Thursday, February 01, 2007

Official delegate of the "Fled California" Contingent

Just met another family that migrated eastward away from the Golden State to the Land of the Red Man.

Actually I was introduced to them.

Singled out, more like it.

At a recent PTO meeting I was pulled aside by a Kindergarden teacher and thrust upon the welcome wagon as the conductor of the "Moved here from California" stage line.

After the customary name/rank/serial number niceties were out of the way, we just stared at each other for a second, our LA-bred survival instincts and learned wariness of strangers taking behavioral hold of our actions.

Then I remembered that I was an Okie now (well, at least more of an Okie than these recent transplants were), and had an opportunity to make a welcoming first impression on these newcomers to my/our small town.

What followed was a pleasant conversation of smiles, laughter, anecdotes of familiar moving experiences, and the quick formation of a new friendship.

And even though they're from Lancaster (originally from Brea), I'm hoping they're find this small town as much to their liking, as I have.

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OKDad said...

Pegasus Rob,
Yes, this is us. How on earth did you find this blog?
Knew about your SF sojourn, but didn't know about you becoming an Okie.
Will wonders never cease.
I didn't post your comment because it contained our actual names in it.

See this post for reasons why.

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