Saturday, December 09, 2006

Preserving anonymity

Regular YASTM readers may have noticed that I don't use the real names of myself and my family, nor do I reveal my actual location.

It's my little attempt to retain some semblence of security through anonymity in the midst of the all encompasing internet cloud.

However, it seems that I've provided enough evidence in my hundreds of postings for some locals who are familiar with the surroundings of my hometown to figure out my whereabouts.

And I thought I was being so careful...huh.

Still others claim to have stumbled upon my blog accidentally (wonder what they Googled to find me?), the most recent of whom was from the very small town I live in...what are the chances?

As much as I appreciate and look forward to comments and musings related to YASTM, just so you know, if you post a comment that contains a grain or two of information that I feel is too revealing, I will moderate the comment to private-land and it will be seen by my eyes only. Sorry about this, but it's for security sake that I do this.

Call me paranoid, call me a freak, call me a dike-plugger trying to tide the floodwaters of the digital information age. Just don't call me out of my small town moments.


Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense. I started to edit my comment but since you were able to approve it first I decided not to.

OKDad said...

Thanks for understanding.

Now, who the heck are you and why in the heck did you bring your Yankee husband out to the Land of the Red Man?

WarWagon said...

That's the only prudent thing you can do. There are way too many crazies in the cyber space who would think nothing of just showing up on your door step one evening.

_gentle said...

I myself am guilty of being a little too lax with the information I share. Thanks for the reminder to be more careful

tammy said...

Just so you know I'm not a loony stalker (OK, there was that one Kevin Spacey incident...), I really did stumble upon your blog from the Okie Doke link list :).