Thursday, December 14, 2006

I sew, I sew, the badges on they go...

My eldest daughter belongs to one of those youth organizations where they earn merit badges for learning to do things that will make them better citizens of the world and beyond...

Meanwhile, back on earth, I'm the lucky parent who gets to sew each and every one of these earned badges onto the required organizational uniform (vest).

My sausage fingers came back to haunt me yet again when dealing with the whole "needle-threading-&-tying-miniscule-knots-in-barely-visible-to-the-human-eye-thread."

I had to stop my "moving at the speed of pouring molasses" progress several minutes and a dozen or so finger pricks later, to find a thimble -- or something that would protect my now bleeding phalanges from any additional sub-cutaneous invasions of the needles vicious head.

It was tedious, painful, and tense work, but I managed to get a new merit patch sewed on, move several around to accomodate space for a new half-chevron, and even remembered to color coordinate the thread I used for each different colored patch.

Looking forward to the day when her kiddie club discovers the joys of iron-on's.

Not that I'm the greatest ironer in the world...but at least I can make a few grilled cheese sandwiches (remember Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom?) while I iron some badges on.


_gentle said...

Fyi, you could use fabric glue and save your fingers and time. One brand that works well is Aleene's No Sew Fabric Glue.

OKDad said...

Fabric glue? When did they invent this stuff?

I recall using duct tape to hem up my pants in college...maybe I should have patented the process.

Will look for the Aleene's and save my digits any future pain. Thanks Ohio.

_gentle said...

lol, you're welcome

Emily said...

Fusible webbing also works well. You can get it at craft stores or at Wal-Mart. Or, if the patch has a plastic backing, you can simply crank up the iron another notch or two and use it to melt the plastic, which will then serve as a sort of hot glue to keep the patch on the vest. (If you use this method, press it from the back side so you won't ruin the patch or the vest if the iron gets a bit too warm.)

Anonymous said...

Don't they offer merit badges for sewing?

Earn a badge, sew it on yourself and get another one.

Oh well, hope old sausage-fingers and the rest of the family are doing great and have a happy holiday.