Tuesday, December 26, 2006

They don't make jackstands or cinder blocks this tall

Wife says...
"You're not putting my Taurus in the driveway to put that THING in the garage, no sirree bub, no how, no way!"

Just finished being thoroughly cannibalized by: "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy


WarWagon said...

Well it's official! You've completed the metamorphosis into an Okie. You've got a project complete with rust sitting in your driveway. ROFLOL

OKDad said...

Whooa, sorry if I gave the impression that this was MY tractor in MY driveway.

I just saw this at a neighbors house and was theorizing what the wife of the house had to say about it.

No way my wife would let me bring this baby home to tinker with.

Now, if it was a pink '56 T-bird that I was rebuilding for her to drive -- that would be a different story.

WarWagon said...

Well rats, I guess we've still got some work left to do on your transformation.