Monday, December 04, 2006


Normally, I try to buy items made and manufactured right here in Oklahoma. 'Round these parts we just call it "MIO," or made in Oklahoma.

To this end, there is a flour mill in a town called Shawnee that produces some pretty fine white powdery substance used for baking, frying, dusting, and the like and since moving here I've been almost exclusivelly buying their product for my culinary needs.

The other day while reaching for the trusty MIO flour brand, this nugget of packaging wonder caught my eye...

While it's not MIO (this product is from our neighbors directly to the north -- Dorothy's turf), the simple, totally non-commercial and completely inelegant cover art won me over.

I mean, c'mon. What kind of adult imagination comes up with a chicken leg, a goldfish, and what looks to be a pork chop, happily diving into a frying pan.

Who says great art can't be found in your local supermarket?

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_gentle said...

Great, now I'm hungry for fried chicken at 8am

OKDad said...

Well, I've got the flour if you've got the legs...err, drumsticks.

Yarbrough1986 said...

The first thing that came to mind after seeing the flour - CHICKEN FRIED STEAK, next was Fried Okra. Thank you for the gift of triggering excellent memories.