Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sanity Check weekend...still safe and sane

Just back from a whirlwind 4-day weekend trip to SoCal to unleash the girls on my Mom's deservedly quiet world. S came with us this time -- her first trip back since we made the move over 2 years ago.

What follows is my favorite method of reminiscing about my trip -- a series of disjointed images, memories, sensoric flashes and a few digital pictures for emphasis. If you're not totally confused and out of sorts by the end of it all, please seek therapy at once.So this is what it's like to go an entire weekend without seeing a single OU shirt, hat, bumper sticker, or tattoo...

The danger that a 10 oz. bottle of contact lens solution presented to our friendly and helpful TSA officer, and the salvation that a few free ziploc baggies has brought to all air travelers.

A wonderous ukelele musical concerto while dining on saimin, laulau, spam musubi, poke, and oxtail soup at Bob's Okazu-ya in Gardena.

Sitting among the multitudes of bohemian family units at a Bob Baker Marionette show (celebrating it's 45th anniversary).

How LA OVERreacts to a little rain shower (.10 of an inch downtown). But God, how I love LA when it rains.

The genius of Edsel Ford (in at least 2 instances) and the artform that is the 1932 "Deuce" model Ford.

The pushy (physically), rude (line, what line...I don't have to stand in line), and uncooth (if you're going to flatulate repeatedly in my presence, at least have the decency to squelch your sphincter a bit) methods that certain Asian immigrants display as they manage to continually offend my extremely patient and tolerant wife.

Giving up on seeing my B-i-L's apartment because we couldn't find parking in his Culver City neighborhood closer than 7 city blocks away.

The overwhelming level at which I love and respect my Mom. Admit it fellas...we're all momma's boys inside.

PK rediscovering that camellias are her favorite flowers - they were blooming all over our old house.

The true form and purity of a pastrami sandwich from The Hat - now you know what I'm talking about whenever I mention a pastrami sandwich.

Upon our arrival back at Will Rogers, the news that a Miss Oklahoma had won the Miss America title for a second year in a row, sending my wife into an emotional whirlwind with an overwhelming need to discuss this news with her family at once.

Like any trip home or away from the security of my home base, I'm reminded how terrific my life is, how wonderful my children are, and how fortunate I am to have found my wife to share my life with.


WarWagon said...

Did the folks out west pick up on your new found accent or verbiage?

OKDad said...

If you've ever been to Hawaii, you've noticed that the locals there speak in a dialect they refer to as "pidgin english."

It's a hodgepodge of English/Hawaiian/Japanese/Portuguese/etc. with a rather heavily pronounced accent.

I spent enough summers in the islands as a kid visiting relatives that I managed to pick up the pigeon speak -- which strangely went away the moment I touched feet back on the mainland.

Same thing with my Okie accent. The moment I'm back with my kinfolk in LA, any accent I've picked up in my almost 2 years here, disappears.

I don't know why.

Erudite Redneck said...

"So this is what it's like to go an entire weekend without seeing a single OU shirt, hat, bumper sticker, or tattoo ..."

That alone was worth the cost of the trip!