Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weather mood swings

Last night, as I layered up to take Franny out for her last relief stroll of the day, S commented that the overnight low for that night was going to be around 4 degrees.

She then stated with all the authority of the Weather Person (don't ever call her a Weathergirl...) she once was in a previous life, that tonight's low mercury reading would make for an entire 100+ degree variation in temperature in 4 months.

That's right. Four short months ago, we were sweltering in a heat spell that racked up 32 days of 100+ degree weather for Oklahoma's '06 summer season.

So ask me if I'm complaining about this little cold spell we've got going on here. Go ahead, ask me.

Put down your hearing horns and turn down your WonderEars(tm), because you won't hear a single peep out of me.

Cold I can deal with. Even this kind of cold.

At least there aren't any skeeters buzzing around and itching my non-deeted up legs.

We did get word last night that all the trees around my in-law's lake house in the eastern part of the state were down. As in frozen, cracked off and brought to the ground. What a mess.

Always the chipper one, my M-i-L simply stated, "at least we'll have a nice view of the lake for awhile."

These Okie's are hearty people.

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