Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mystery thermos from beyond

There's no easy way to say this, so I'm just going to come right out and say it.

My wife collects old Thermos'.

She started picking them up at thrift stores and swap meets for a buck or two whenever she saw them and has now amassed a collection that severely outnumbers my vibrating pager collection -- okay, I don't really collect pagers, but it was fun to remember those ancient bits of one-way telecommunication technology from the not so ancient past, wasn't it?

Our upstairs office is decorated in a camping/picnic motif (can I use that word and not be disbarred from the man club?) with the paint scheme reflecting the greens, reds and blacks that are the predominating colors found on all of her thermos'.

Yes, vintage thermos' come in blues, and yellows, and orange hues as well. But my wife has, for reasons known only to the designer elf that lives in her psyche, made the conscious decision to stick with only the red/green/black color palate in her thermos collection selection.

She even has a few displayed in the window of our office that can be seen from the street.

Awhile back we found this lone soldier sitting by the front door.

Not a post-it note or slip of paper with a message on it in sight. Near as we can figure, someone (neighbor, stranger, distant relative...) must have spotted the few thermos' sitting in the upstairs window and decided that we needed that thermos more than they did.

Our first drive-by thermosing.

Weeks later, the mystery still remains as to who left this hot/cold liquid container gift from beyond. And even though my wife is too nice and much to refined a lady to say it out loud, I am none of those things and will blurt out exactly what she was thinking...

Why couldn't they have left a red one instead?

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