Monday, January 08, 2007

What shocks a 3-year old

A few evenings ago, we were all getting gussied up for the nighttime wedding of an ex-Intern at my wife's office.

The kid's were actually invited.

So, out of my normal jeans and a teeshirt Stay-at-home-Dad costume went I, and into the old slacks, shirt, and sport coat that I recently had freshened up at the local dry cleaners (still open, but they send all their cleaning out now).

I selected my tie, and was in the process of making my dull old windsor knot when my 3-year old bounded into the bedroom to show off her "wedding outfit."

It was at this point where she completely forgot about her own glamorous self and fixated her pre-K stare on the flipping and flopping of brightly colored silkened material around my neckly which she muttered...

Daddy, what are you tying a dishrag around you for?"

You can tell how extremely proud I am to announce that my 3-year old had never, until that moment in time, seen her Daddy put on a tie before.

Life is good.

And so was the wedding, but more on that in a future post.

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Emily said...

That's priceless. God bless our casual world. ;)