Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What did she keep her sales samples in?

One of my duties as the elected Secretary of my small town's elementary school's Parent / Teacher Organization (PTO), is to write and publish a monthly newsletter outlining any factoids and tidbits of fundraising jocularity that happen to be currently relevant.

I took it upon myself to put my own spin on the monthly rag, so now it includes photos, the minutes from previous meetings, educational trivia, and beat-you-over-the-head reminders of our fundraising efforts on the school's behalf. Since this newsletter goes home in the backpacks of every kid at school, I also try to include at least a few lines of guilt-tripping pleasure for those parents who feel a 1-hour meeting a month is too much to spend to better their kid's school.

All with a sense of humor, of course.

One added feature that's turning out to be popular is my profile column titled, "Meet your PTO Members," where I include a headshot and three paragraph blurb about randomly selected PTO participants. Kind of my way of putting names with familiar faces and hopefully breaking down some of those awkward walls of shyness amongst the parents.

This column has turned out to be quite an education for myself as well.

To my surprise, through my interviews for this column, I've discovered that the Principal and I are both So Cal natives (dude), the PTO President is an accomplished dramatist and educator of championship forensics competitors, the VP worked for a Fortune 500 company as a Network Operations Specialist, and a fellow member owns and operates a local vineyard and winery.

Then there's this charming and lovely lady who works as a secretary in the school office and has a 2nd grader attending the school.

Of which I would insist that you contemplate the following....would you buy frozen Bull Semen from this woman?

Lessons learned here...don't judge, just be, and, an advanced degree in Animal Science from a major 4-year university may put you on the fast track for a career in preserved bovine reproductive specimen sales.

Presently slashing through The Samurai: The Philosophy of Victory by Robert T. Samuel

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- Mark said...

No lie, while on a train in China traveling from Beijing to Xian the people sharing our compartment were traveling salesmen that had just got back from Oklahoma with some fresh stock that they were selling to all the local farmers along the route. So in the sleeping cabin was what looked the old 5 gallon metal milk container full of liquid nitrogen and bull semen.
While doing my internship this summer in San Jose one of the other interns there was going to University of Oklahoma where his parents made a living off of peddling frozen bull semen.
So is it really that big of a market or should I be worried about my fate/Karma or something?