Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hurt me Hannah, make me take out a 2nd mortgage

Unbeknownst to me, the offspring of Mr. Achy-Breaky-Heart is now a fan favorite of little girls about my eldest daughters age bracket and demographics.

This little 15-year old moppet has sung, danced, and acted (sorta) her way into the hearts and minds of kiddies across the nation via her Disney Channel TV show, and now that she's launched a nationwide tour her concert tickets have become a hot commodity for discussion along the hushed hallways of the local elementary school.

So, online I went to check out what was available, having been duly warned ahead of time by known Mom's and Dad's alike that I'll not like what I find. Figuring that the OK tickets would be significantly cheaper than those for sale in LA, I started at our local venue first.

Here's what I found at one site for a top dollar ticket in Oklahoma City's largest arena...

That was nothing. Check out the high dollar amount for a top ticket in LA's Staple Center...

Like watching people play black chips on the blackjack table with the same ferver that I'm playing my red ones, I'm well aware that how much you spend on entertainment is all relative to how much you have..or are willing to spend.

So with that in mind as well as a firm belief in the workings of our Capitalist system and 2nd hand knowledge of the laws of supply and demand, I just chuckled at the prices and thought about how fortunate I am (this time) that C wasn't begging me to go and see Hannah Montana live.

Then I chuckled again when I caught a glimpse of the tagline for the ticket agency that was offering these "reasonably priced" tickets.

Just what reality are they living in?


Miss Wisabus said...

Good grief. John Mayer tickets weren't nearly that bad. But she IS Mr. Achey-Breaky-Hearts' kid.

Anonymous said...

Thought that I would let you know that if you check you can can tickets for as cheap as $25.00. However, it appears that they are sold out anyway.

OKDad said...

Ticketmaster was actually the first stop on my net search for tickets.

The site where I found the $2K and $10K tix had the most ridiculously priced seats -- and their tag line was too ironically sad to pass up.