Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lay-ing on the sweet and spicy

A new item popped up in the impulse buy checkstand display at my small town's non-Walmart StupidCenter supermarket.

Overheard conversation between two insulated-coverall wearing gents while standing in the checkout line behind them ...

"Lookit wing flavored chips."
Yeah. Looks good, thought we should try 'em.
Get two.

He nods and does, while the other Guy takes a good long look at the picture on the chip bag.

"Says here sweet and spicy."
"Yep, sweet aaaand spicy."
"Terry-yakee. What's that?"
"Look here, right here, says (slowly) terry-yakee."
"Yuchy? "
"Yeah, yuchy...maybe we shouldn't get these, says they're yuchy right on the front" (joking).

They chuckle and make their purchases, while I am forced to pick up a bag for a closer looksee.

One can see how one might mistake the coated drummettes in the picture for a miniscule pile of a plate of Hooter's finest hot wings...or didn't know what the heck teriyaki was.

BTW, they were sweet and spicy and quite delicious.


Route66News said...

Oh, man, you're killin' me.

You've got to put these stories together and pitch 'em to Hollywood. I think the adventures of OKDad would make a very good (and heartwarming) sitcom.

Too bad you're probably on strike, though. ;)

OKDad said...

Stay tuned...a high ranking official in my small town's city government accosted me at a Safe Routes to School meeting last week and suggested I should run for the soon-to-be-vacant City Council seat.

This could get really ugly and sitcom worthy, really fast.

dennis said...

well, if you do get the City Council seat, don't forget the chips...Hollywood would be eating out of your hands if you already nailed down the Product Placement thing...