Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tailgating is allowed ...and encouraged

Is there anything that regurgitates nostalgia better than the sight of two tykekins swinging their legs on the tailgate of a classic car-truck parked in a cemetery while watching their Mother ride her road bike around and around, mile after mile as she trains for her big bike ride?

Thought so.


Emily said...

That's awesome. Here at the office, we are particularly impressed with the daring sense of fashion on the rugrat rockin' the pink leggings and camo shorts. ;)

Incidentally, you would be proud of me ... I am porking down a bag of "yuchi" Lay's in honor of your last blog entry.

OKDad said...

Camo and pink...uhhh, can't take responsibility for that one...it was one of those, "hurry get dressed and meet us out in the elky," routines.

I do take full parental responsibility for letting her go out of the house dressed that way, however.

Mmmm...terry-yuchi...the flavor of the future.