Friday, February 29, 2008

Some people collect Pez dispensers for fun...

From today's police blotter in my small town's news rag...

Let me break this down for you...

Remington 28 shotgun
Remington 12 shotgun
Remington 30.06 semi-auto rifle
Browning 28 shotgun
Marlin .22 semi-auto rifle
Marlin 3030 lever-action rifle
Ruger 9mm semi-auto pistol
Ruger 12 shotgun
Ruger .22 semi-auto rifle
Ruger .22 revolver
Ruger .22 mag revolver
Ruger .45 semi-auto handgun
Ruger .357 revolver
Kahr Arms .40 handgun
Mini .22 revolver

"Just taking my little firearm collection out for a drive, Officer."

Who says the 2nd Amendment isn't alive and well here in my small town?

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