Monday, September 29, 2008

Cubic feet, not square feet

The last time I did anything major to a structures roofline in my possession was back in SoCal, where we were surprised by a visit from our friendly neighborhood City Inspector who told us in no uncertain terms that the "addition" we were making to the roof of our rear patio cabana would need to be certified and inspected...for a fee.

Basically, we were adding a pitch to a flat roof of an open-air structure used for outdoor entertaining -- that was it.

After paying $50 for a permit, spending 2-hours at the City Clerk's office to obtain said permit, and shelling out another $50 for the final inspection certificate, I was made very aware of the "protective services" that our local government agencies were providing.

Which was why I was slightly gunshy when I first started researching the provenance of my small town historic home, and made a stop into the office of somebody whom I thought was the City Inspector. Basically, I was in search of any permits on file that had to do with the expansion that was done on my house sometime between 1895 and 1947.

There were, of course, no such permits on file. Back then, if you wanted to add a couple rooms and an upstairs sleeping porch, all you needed was the lumber and gumption to do it.

I was further told that even today, I'd only need a building permit and inspection certificates if I were building an additional 100 square feet or more to the house.

100 SQUARE feet...good to know.

And now, for some much anticipated views (for us at least) of the completed construction as it currently sits. The felt is on and we're dry and ready for any early fall storms that may befall us.

Location where our mini-deck will someday be built...facing westward for sunset viewing and stargazing.

Here's an interior view of a small section of what will be a playroom for the girls. You can see where the old roofline was (diagonal cut on the left wall), the small hallway entrance that we built leading from the playroom to the bathroom, as well as the future bathroom in the back, which is the room that we raised the roof up 54".

Finally a before and after view of how much change a little roof lifting and build-out can do.

Total cubic feet added - plenty enough for a 12'x17' bathroom with a standard 8' ceiling, a small hallway leading to said bathroom, and a 14'x24' playroom for the girls to spread out and slumber party in.

Total SQUARE feet added - approx. 15 square feet (the hallway)

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AMomof2 said...

It's really looking great. I'm sure your family is going to love the space.