Friday, September 19, 2008

Turning a hip into a gable

"Okay smarty pants, now that you've raised the roof and have created an all new room where there once was a 3' tall one, how are you going to get to it?"

Why, we build out of course.

The hip roof that dominates the rear section of the upper floor of our 113-year old domicile is too slanted for its own good. So we decided to remove it, replace it with a flat wall, complete with sliding 6' doors, and an outside deck for the girls to get their 2nd floor view groove on. This wall will also be the jumping off platform for a short hallway that lead to -- dun-dun-dun-daaa - the newly raised roof room.

Not yet fully recovered from last weeks roof raising, my F-i-L showed up early Monday morning all fired up to begin the build out, figuring if he could work through the pain then I sure could.

The roof extension was hairy.

The side wall extensions were scary.

The hip room tie-in over the new hallway was ghastly.

The plating, papering, and shingling of the oh-so-slanted new roof was downright terrifying.

This last shot gives you an idea of just how much roof we're adding and how much of a build out the rear room/hallway/deck will encompass.

The demolition of the old hip roof section, build up of the flat wall that will be replacing it, and hallway jutting out over to the new bathroom is yet to come...

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