Wednesday, September 03, 2008


What is your state's official rock and roll song? Don't know? Loser.

In my adopted state's State House there currently sits Resolution No. 1047 which states:
WHEREAS, the Oklahoma Legislature has adopted a State Folk Song (“Oklahoma Hills”, Jack and Woody Guthrie), a State Country and Western Song (“Faded Love”, Bob Wills), and an official State Song (“Oklahoma”, Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II); and

WHEREAS, Oklahoma has been home to many exceptional rock and roll performers and song writers and no official Rock and Roll Song has been adopted; and

WHEREAS, the people of Oklahoma should be integral in selecting the official Rock and Roll Song; ...
So basically we (OK taxpayers) have funded a website wherein anyone (are they checking IP addresses to ensure all voters are local...what about Okie's living abroad, or in other states, can they not vote?) can select among the 10 songs culled from the MASSIVE herd of rock and roll songs penned or performed by Okies past and present.

Go here to vote and listen to full versions of all the nominated songs.

Go ahead, you know you want to. I triple-dog dare you.

There are some rockin' songs on the list and as much as it pained me not to vote for The King's tune, I went with the thoroughly karaoke-appropriate song that I've been singing out loud since kiddiedom, never realizing that I'd indeed get to Oklahoma way before I ever got to Spain.

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