Friday, July 17, 2009

A wheeless wagon

While it was at first a little strange to see these "dubs" from the past used as yard and garden decor in my small town, much like fried okra, Dr. Pepper and Ford 150's as the family vehicle of choice out here, I've grown accustomed to their presence.

They must be considered by some to be a highly valued asset to a domiciles exterior ambiance -- valuable enough to be stolen in fact...

Who knows, perhaps some day my Chevy Ralley wheels and Crager SS rims will adorn (litter) the yard of some future dwelling and be labeled as "vintage" and "retro" by it's owners.

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darlin said...

Your blog caught my attention and I hope you don't mind if I follow this. I am originally from a small town and now live in the (ugggg) city! I lead a very active lifestyle and would love to come and read your blog on occasion, the few things I've read have intrigued me.