Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dr. Seuss gets another year older, sorta

March 2nd, mark your calendar,
for a special day it will be.
It is Dr. Seuss' birthday,
though dead as doornails is he.

The kindergarten teachers
sent a notice to homes,
for parent volunteers to come in
to read a few of the good Doctor's tomes.

I signed up for "The Cat in the Hat,"
because I know it almost by heart.
And it always has been my favorite selection,
off the Seussian library cart.

Perhaps I'll go "Green Eggs and Ham."
Even though Sam I am, I am not.
Being a Dad, Hop on Pop seems a good fit,
But I've found it to be too short on plot.

Aristotle's Poetics, it is not.

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