Friday, February 17, 2006

Wrap yourself in the Big E

Every week, C has to bring in an object to "show n' tell" in front of the class that begins with the alphabet letter which they've been studying all week.

Last week was the letter "E."

We contemplated taking an egg (hard boiled), an elephant (stuffed), some earphones (headphones really), an eagle (bald), and other ho-hum, that's-what-all-the-other-kids-will-bring items.

Then it dawned on me. The Big E. The only E. The E who is the King of Rock and Roll.

I speak of (cue music), our Elvis Blanket.

Needless to say, C was not thrilled, and offered to "leave the building" immediately upon seeing me proudly and enthusiasticaly display my selection for her letter o' the week item.

Buuut, after much coaxing, convincing, and a few rounds of "Suspicious Minds" from her old man, my 6-year old finally gave in and agreed to stuff the King into her backpack and lug it before the class.

I was a proud Pop.

Afterwards, in the car ride home, I asked her what her 60-something teacher thought of her bringing the "King of Rock and Roll" into her classroom.

"Oh, she just said, 'Elvis, he was a popular singer, wasn't he?' and didn't say anything more."

Obviously, C's teacher was overcome with emotion. Who wouldn't be afterall, when faced with the Big E in blanket form.


Ed said...

OUTSTANDING!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! (holding a lighter high above my head)

Emily said...

Maybe a velvet Elvis would have evoked a more enthusiastic response from the teacher.

OKDad said...

Only if I had brought along a black lite to properly view it with.