Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Limping to the sounds of MG

A few nights ago, S and I went to St. Gregory's University to enjoy an intimate performance by Michael Gulezian.

S worked a few semesters at the OSU Student Union during her undergrad days, and got to know Michael when she would book him for performances at the Union. He's been touring constantly since those days, and has developed his guitaring skills into nothing short of 6 (and 12) string mastery.

Check out his website (downloads are free) and enjoy.

The performance was in the central plaza of St. Gregory's main student union. S looked lovely as ever, sipping on a vanilla mocha latte. I was well coiffed and had a Diet Coke w/ lime, purchased from the micro-cafeteria located adjacent to the courtyard.

The plush, cushy sofas we planted ourselves in for the performance were warm and inviting. The fake fireplace behind Michael was ablaze in all it's natural gas glory, and the enthusiastically fellow attendees were mellow and open to some stress releasing acoustic guitar magic.

Then the limping parade began.

First one, then another, then another.

Limping coeds draped in sweat pants and St. Gregory emblazoned teeshirts made their way from their dorm rooms and on-campus living abodes to the student union.

Why were they all limping? We're they athletes? Had they just come from Father Slaughter's Aerobics class? Was there a shortage of good footwear on campus?

After the twelth or so limping student hobbled by, stopping momentarily to wrap their tortured bodies in the alluring tunage that was resouding off the walls, the situation went beyond comical and into the absurd.

Next time you're on a college campus, sit in a high traffic area and observe the passing students. If the majority of them are limping, please report back.

Inquiring minds want to know.

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