Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cherokee Strip, parade

Last weekend we took the girls up to Enid to partake in the festivities of an event dubbed the Cherokee Strip Days Celebration

There was a parade, an outdoor festival of sorts, and a host of other activities related to the Cherokee Strip Land run of 1893.

During this parade my suburbanite brain matter produced two questions, the answers of which may or may not be general knowledge to natural born citizens of the Cherokee Strip. But I brought along pictures to help me clarify the details of my questions.

Here goes.

Did all Cowboys riding the range have to have their cowboy hats held onto their heads by an adult chaperone or similar person with available appendages?

At what point in my life here in the open prairie am I ever going to see a herd of longhorns being "yee-hawed" and "whup-wheed" down a city street and not be on my feet, ready to turn tail and scurry up the nearest tall lamp pole?

"Yippee, tai, yai, yeah, git' along, little doggies..." Not to be argumentative, but there ain't nothing "little" about these doggies.

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