Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New purchase at the local drug store

Forget e-ticket rides at Disneyland or an IMAX-3D movie in Sensurround or a quick jaunt around the block on the new 4-wheeled Segway's.

The attraction that has the people I shop with lining up around the block -- okay, aisle -- is this little wonder of science combining the fun of masochism and joys of health monitoring.

I kid you not. People of all ages, creeds, religions, and shopping cart levels can be seen lining up at these little wonders at every one of the WalMart Supercenters, CVS Pharmacies and Walgreens closest to me.

The other day, while sitting at my local drugstore lunch counter, I jokingly mentioned to the Druggist/Owner that perhaps he should purchase one of those automatic blood pressure devices to increase customer traffic to his establishment.

He took no time or effort in presenting me with stacks upon stacks of brochures, sales flyers, and reading material related to purchasing such a device and wanted to get my opinion on which one he should order, me being a "computer guys of sorts."

I don't know anything about these devices other than my 6-year old always begs me to "try it" whenever she spies one with an empty armhole.

Alas, I told him what any self-respecting Mac user would tell someone looking for advice on a computer controlled device.

Don't buy the one that runs on Windoze.

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