Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lunch lady loses learners loot, leaves lunchers in a lurch

We received a notice from the lunch lady at C's school that they suffered a computer crash and had lost all traces of recent payments made for students lunches.

Considering that school had only been in session for 2-weeks, I figured, how bad could it be?

Surely they back the database file up regularly.
Surely the have some sort of redundancy in the filing system.
Surely they print out daily hardcopies of at least the summary totals of the days lunch money receipts.

Three strikes, dude. And don't call me Shirley.

This antiquated system was running on an old pre-Pentium 486 chipped Windoze 3.1 machine. They had had crashes before, "but not like this," I was told.

The database file was apparently intact and saved on a floppy (whew!), but they didn't have another machine with the proprietary software loaded to access the file.

Floppies. Remember those. Don't some Windoze machines still use 'em? How retro is that?
But I digress.

For now, they're going back to a more traditional method of keeping track of things -- a log book with every students name and total, updated daily.

I've been informed that a new, modern, plasti-card with code stripe system has been ordered, which will not only allow the student's lunch transactions to be traced, but will also keep track of those pesky little milk money purchases set aside for nutrition break.

A small price to pay for keeping track of all our kiddies mac and cheese casseroles, circus dogs, and bar-b-q riblet on a sticks.

That's some guuuud, eatin' now.


cmoreno said...

so each kid would have a lunchMoney credit card?

that would be awesome.

what would bullies do?! they could not beat up on little scrawny kids for their quarters anymore.

OKDad said...

Guess it's never too early to teach a young'un how to swipe their cards for goods and services.

I can barely remember life before you could swipe your life savings away...barely.